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Feldenkrais Method and Chronic Pain By Deborah Bowes, PT Everyone, regardless of age or condition, has the ability to learn and improve. The  Feldenkrais Method®  of Somatic Education is an effective and pleasurable way to discover how to move more easily and with less pain. The method is an educational modality with therapeutic benefits. The  Feldenkrais Method  has two distinct, but related, learning modes. In both modes, you learn to notice what you are doing, how you are doing it, and develop new ways to move. In  Awareness Through Movement®  lessons, the  Feldenkrais  teacher verbally guides the students in gentle and easy movement sequences. The learning environment created is non-competitive and non- judgmental. Students are instructed to respect their own situations and move only within their personal ranges of ease and comfort. The emphasis is on discovery and exploration, attending to the quality of movement, and observing one's internal process while moving.

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